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2015 Resolutions


For 2015, Storytime Underground is encouraging folks to set professional goals for development and growth.  I find that between seasons is a great time for reevaluating.  So, in the spirit of sharing the goals so we can all band together for support…here are some things I’m thinking about and this awesome picture to look at.


  • I want to continue adding to my blog with storytime outlines and explanations. The few folks that have looked at it have been positive in their feedback and it does keep me organized. I enjoy putting my ideas out there, so MORE!
  • I have a ukulele. I have a tuner on my tablet. My coworker, Walter, has offered to help (really, he is very, very good!). I need to learn how to play it for fun and in programs. I can DO THIS!!
  • Speaking of programs, I have this entire Internet at my disposal and you guys are geniuses! I’m going to aim for more innovation and creativity. Then I’ll organize and help my coworkers duplicate the programs.
  • 2014 was a year of change and I didn’t read as much as I wanted (or needed) to. That’s going to change. I will have at least one book in my bag and one audio book going in the car at all times. My book journal needs to get fat again.

On a personal note,

  • I’m going to save my $ and finally buy a new camera. I love taking pictures. I have a little talent and a pretty good eye. I just need to step up my equipment.

What are you thinking of for the new year?