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Get dressed! Clothes Storytime


What better topic for storytime than Clothes? Kids relate to it, parents relate to it, and who hasn’t seen a precious storytimer in an inventive and crazy outfit and known right away that they were in charge of their own outfits that morning?


I’m glad I’m not a centipede
and I will tell you why.
I would have 100 feet
and 100 shoes to tie!


Whose Hat is That? (Bijsterbosch)


New for 2014 – this book follows a hat that keeps getting blown by the wind onto different animals’ heads. Each animal claims it as their own and revels in how good it looks on them. The animals range from a cat to a polar bear and each animal appears on their own page – and then again on the next page as the hat blows away. It is difficult to modify this book for a shorter story so I read this to Preschoolers. A colleague decided to adapt it into a flannel story and it really does read well. This one fits for these themes: Animals, Animals Sounds, Clothes, Wind, and Hats!

Hooray for Hat (Won)


Hooray for this book! Also new for 2014, it goes from animal to animal showing how to share the happiness that is hat! In the end, everyone pulls together to cheer up one more friend. This book is great for Wild Animals, Hats, Friends, and Moods. I read it towards the beginning for Toddlers since it travels through 6 different friends and in the middle for Preschoolers and have them march when the animals go visit.

Caps for Sale (Slobodkina)


A classic, this title goes over best when I read it from our Big Book collection. Also, it’s pretty impressive to pronounce her name correctly: pronounced ess-FEER sloh-BOD-kee-nah. When the monkeys start to misbehave and talk back to the peddler, I pause after each infraction and share the “I can’t believe they DID that!” face with the kids. By the end, it is pure disbelief that they monkeys would/could be so rude and then the giggles take over. I read it for Toddler and Preschoolers. And anyone else who will sit still for it.

Ella Sarah Gets Dressed (Chodos-Irvine)


Everyone in Ella Sarah’s family has opinions about what she should wear – but she is having none of it! The patterns of the house and clothes are wonderful from across the room and Ella Sarah’s emphatic responses keep the story moving. When her friends show up for a tea party, you can see why she was insistent on her ensemble.  I read this to Toddler and Preschoolers and am still searching for a pair of fluffy sheep pajamas in my size.

Too Purpley! (Reidy)


This turns out to be almost the opposite of Ella Sarah Gets Dressed. Our protagonist tries on many many outfits and has specific reasons for disregarding them all. The scale is a little smaller than Ella Sarah so some of the pictures may be lost on a big crowd.  It is a good opportunity to have Preschoolers finish rhymes with you.

Pete the Cat: I Love my White Shoes (Litwin)


Pete is pretty awesome – and I love groovin’ this song with the crowd (if you haven’t heard it: http://assetlibrary.supadu.com/images/ckfinder/687/images/Pete-the-Cat/audio/pete-the-cat.mp3 ). It is about the shoes but it is really about taking it easy, going with the flow, letting it slide. We all need to  do that, right? I read it to Toddlers and Preschoolers and use it for storytimes about Cats, Clothes, Colors, Shoes, and Singing.

Aliens Love Underpants (Freedman)


Bloomers, panties, long-johns, and aliens! This book is all silliness and rhyming. The illustrations are bold and bright and show, of course, lots of underwear. Toddlers might sit still for it but underpants mean so much more to Preschoolers. They will appreciate the silly – and you will probably get some new potty stories. Woo!

Animal Pants (Moses and Boretzki)


Another book about underpants! Warthogs, skunks, cats, and frogs – they are all featured in this silly book about animals and their underwear.  I save this one for a Preschool crowd that is hanging with me.

Old Hat New Hat (Berenstain)


I wish this was in a bigger format. My copy is a beginning reader and so is on the small rectangular side. It remains great, however. The illustrations are bright and funny. They rhyme itself cruises right along. I speed up as the descriptions move along and can then come to a screeching halt for, “WAIT!” and of course, the joke at the end just tickles the kids. Due to size, I wouldn’t read this to a room of more than 30 people and Preschoolers will appreciate it more than Toddlers.

The interstitials (the space fillers):


Put Your Pants On (Tune: Mama’s Little Baby Loves Shortnin’ Bread)

Let’s all put our pants on, pants on, pants on,
Let’s all put our pants on, 1, 2, 3.

[Repeat with other articles of clothing (socks or tights, shoes, etc.)]

Now that you’re all dressed, all dressed, all dressed,
Now that you’re all dressed, let’s go out to play.

Borrowed it from: Storytime Hooligans
who adapted it from: King County Library System

Flannel Play

Snoozers (Boynton)

Chickens like pajamas with a hat to match
Piggies like pajamas with the feet attached.
Hippos wear pajamas just a little tight
Lions like pajamas that fit just right.
Rabbits like pajamas just a little loose
But you’ve got to have buttons if you’re a moose.

The book this rhyme is from is a board book and just too small to share with more than 3 people so I made enlarged copies of the animals onto cardstock, laminated them, and added velcro on the back to make the whole thing into a flannel board story. I go through it twice so they can really hear the rhymes. Kids laugh hardest at the hippo and the moose.

snoozers     488887

Whose Shoes?

For this game, I have the kids guess who the shoes belong to. I put the pieces up one at a time and then we talk about what kind of shoes they are. My little Austinites seem to have the hardest time with the ice hockey skates – go figure.

These shoes are all clipart on cardstock. I laminated them for sturdiness and velcro on the back holds them on the flannel board.


UPDATE/ADDITION: This Sorting Socks Game just popped up in my feed from Miss Mary Liberry and I will be making it and using it next time I plan this storytime theme! It is so cute and what a great chance to get the kids up and involved. I’ll add my own pictures after I create the washing machine and socks. (10/10/14)


Flower/Straw Necklaces

We made flower necklaces today (and got the really cute idea from Homeschool Antics). I had a summer volunteer cut pieces of yarn and wrap tape on one end. I put out small die cut flowers and pieces of colored straws. The tape allows the kids to do the “sewing” and that really works the fine motor skills. Yea! Some of the parents were insistent on the child following a pattern – but most just let them get creative. Regardless, everyone left storytime looking fancy!


So, let’s get dressed!

This week’s line up:

Toddler lineup:

Caps For Sale (Slobodkina)
ABCs song
Snoozers flannel
Pete the Cat: I Love my White Shoes (Litwin)
Zoom Zoom Zoom song
Ran Sam Sam
Mascot visit
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

Preschool lineup:
Aliens Love Underpants (Freedman)
Snoozers flannel
Hooray for Hat (Won)
Whose Shoes? flannel
Pete the Cat: I Love my White Shoes (Litwin)
Ella Sarah Gets Dressed (Chotos-Irvine)
Ran Sam Sam
Mascot visit
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear