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I was once told upon receiving a promotion to Senior Librarian that I was no longer a Children’s Librarian. I had a vehement reaction to that announcement. Not only had I been promoted specifically to coordinate youth programs and supervise two youth librarians and three youth associates, thereby being in YS by definition – I knew that a change in job title could not shift my very being. That was crazy-talk.

I put off that ludicrous announcement to the ignorance of that Regional Manager. She had never experienced the calling to YS – so how could she possibly relate? Plus, she was a shusher – and we all know that means she could not be trusted.

My internal clock is set to Youth Services. I’ve got my strengths and weaknesses within that focus but it is the only librarian job I want. I didn’t always know this. I originally applied for a YS position because it was open in the town where I wanted to live. I was the most surprised of anyone when it turned out that I was good at it.

I’ve tried other avenues. When I left that toxic shusher, I tried my hand at academia – pursuing a doctorate in YS. But guess what? There are no littles in college. I missed the toddlers and preschoolers! And despite all those attempts at large scale understanding and the unending explanation of minutiae – no one in those hallowed halls seemed to care about what I was trying to do by studying Children’s Services. Now the parents and kids in storytime? They get it.

So I quit. And my triumphant return to public service was stifled somewhat by the massive economic downturn. It was a bumpy reentry but reenter I did. Now I’m in a good place, doing things I love, and talking and learning with amazing colleagues.

Let’s add a blog to all that wonderfulness……


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